Phob: Illuminated Pocket Clip & Keychain

Created by Gamble Staempfli

Opening doors with your mind has always been impossible, and it still is. That's why you need a Phob.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Survey Demonstration
15 days ago – Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 03:11:17 AM

Hello again Backers :)  Here's a demonstration of what you should expect to find when you open your BackerKit Surveys, which will be sent out this week.  You should be able to use the following demo. to answer any questions you have about the survey once it's in front of you.  Actually the survey is pretty self explanatory, but since some of you are new to KickStarter as a platform, I hope that this guide may be useful.   Regardless feel free to let me know if I can clarify anything and I will try my best to do so!

Above is an example of the first thing you will see when you open your survey.  Vital info here :  "Your Pledge", meaning the total amount you pledged including the dollar amount for shipping and add-ons, "Your Pledge Level", meaning the reward you selected when making your original pledge, and two drop down menus for your country and state.  After selecting country and state, click the green "Get Started" button.  Any add-ons or extra Phobs you pledged for can be specified in subsequent steps.

Page two is where you get the chance to select the add-ons for your original pledge.  Even though you already specified these choices within KickStarter, you will need to do so again here.  If you selected no add-ons and still just want the basic unit for the base price, then you want to click "Standard-White Glow" and then hit the blue "Next: Add Ons" button.  If your original pledge included anything other than white glow, the various options are all spec'd out and you should select whichever combination of add-ons you originally chose. If you pledged for multiple Phobs, you will carry a credit to the next page where you may add the extra units/options to your cart.

As I said above, after spec'ing out your original reward, some of you will have a credit which carries over until you apply it to the additional items you'll specify here.  Others of you may decide to now add, for example,  additional Phobs w/options and that's fine, but you will need to pay the difference at checkout.  On this page, all backers will have the chance to purchase heretofore unseen add-ons to compliment your Phobs.  These are limited to only 20 pieces each because I don't have enough raw material on hand for more than that.  If they are sold out, that's it.   NOTE: There are no additional shipping charges for extra options or add-ons.

 Unless you added new items your balance should be zero at this point.  Regardless, add your full delivery info. on this page and click "NEXT".

On this final page you can confirm your info, or go back and add/remove add-ons or options.  Those who now have a balance to pay will be prompted to add your card info. to cover the difference.  Once you are comfortable with everything just click "Place My Order" and that's it!

Hopefully this covers all the critical steps for making your checkout process a smooth one.  Feel free to ask any outstanding questions in the comments here or via DM and I'll be sure to help however I can.  Once again, thanks for your support and continued patience while I get these made :)

Production update :)
22 days ago – Tue, Jan 04, 2022 at 08:06:30 AM

Greetings my wonderful backers :)

Here is just a quick update to let you know that funding is in and that production of your Phob(s) is underway!  I'm moving faster on this project than any I've fulfilled  in the past.  That made me nervous at first, but I'm happy to report all is on track!

Enjoy the pics, but first I want to remind you that the surveys will be sent out shortly so watch for those in the coming days.  When I send the surveys I'll post another update with specific instructions for how to follow through and complete your orders on Backerkit.  Shipping will be no later than the end of this month, but some of you, especially Intl. backers may not see their rewards till the first or second week of Feb., so please keep that in mind!

About 400 titanium scales have already been cut along with 100 brass and 100 Copper
All insert material is on hand and waiting to be cut to length
All the cores have been cut and have gone through preliminary processing, still plenty of finishing but its a great start!

Again, thanks so much for all your support of my work, and your continued patience while I start to crank these out!  Happy New Year :)

Final update :)
about 1 month ago – Thu, Dec 16, 2021 at 11:17:42 PM

Less than 2 hrs to go!  Once again thanks to all of you who stuck with me through the funding period.  I can't wait to get these pieces going in the shop and am even more excited to get them shipped to you all next month!  Your survey should arrive in roughly 2-3 weeks so please keep an eye out for that.  If you miss it the first time, no problem... but the rewards ship out fastest to those who complete their surveys when they first go out.  Thats not to say there will be long delays for those who miss the survey but it is a necessary step toward completing the process.  Don't worry I'll include reminders and links in future updates for those who missed it the first time.

For those interested, I'll have a ltd. number of Gaslights available as add-ons in Backerkit :)

Another possible cause for problems would be if the card you have on file with Kickstarter is not current.  Please check to make sure they have all your proper and updated info, so that charges go through smoothly and on time!

Once you've received your survey, Backerkit will have your full pledge amount available for you to disburse in your "cart", but they won't pre-select the specific add-ons you ordered.  Regardless, all the same options and pricing will be available right there, so you will just add your Phob(s) and/or upgrades to your "cart" until your full pledge amount is depleted.  I will have a walkthrough of the checkout process in a future update around the time the surveys come out, so don't worry if any of that seems confusing, it won't be!  I'll do everything I can to clarify what's needed from you and will always be available for direct questions.  Just message me via kickstarter and I'll get back asap! :)

Once again thanks so much, and while I have your attention please consider checking out this related project which I just backed and which I'm sure many of you will like as much as I do!

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Rainbow Glow Upgrade :))
about 2 months ago – Fri, Dec 03, 2021 at 03:11:23 AM

Hi again everyone!  I'm excited for this update because I get to share a couple upgrades I think many of you will love as much as I do.  Below are photos of two new glow insert options for your Phob.  The first is similar to the standard white in that it's white by day,  but in darkness you get a strong Aqua glow, which is kind of like a blue/green color.  

Copper Clad Phob with Aqua insert

And here's a photo of the very cool, 12 color rainbow option; no two are alike.  Personally, I'm in love with these!  Included in the example below are the all titanium screws, also offered as an "Add-On" to any Phob.  

Rainbow Glow and all Titanium screws on this Titanium Clad Phob

Finally, here's a group shot of the three insert options side by side:

I hope you enjoy these upgrades!  If so, click on any pic to go directly to the campaign where you can modify your desired reward. :) 


Please only order one upgraded insert per Phob.  If you pledged enough for two or more Phobs just pledge your additional support for as many inserts or ti screws as there are Phobs in your order.  These are REPLACEMENTS to the standard white inserts, not additional items.  Thanks so much for your attention to that detail!

Sometime after the campaign closes you will be receiving final surveys from Backerkit, a third party pledge manager that I use for all of my campaigns.  Your cart with Backerkit will come loaded with your original pledge including your add-ons, and you will then be able to apply the remaining balance to whichever additional Phobs you were interested in.  Let me know in the comments if I need to clarify anything, and thanks again so very much for your support!

Phob is Phunded- Thank you!
2 months ago – Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 08:23:05 PM

Thanks so much everyone- This is a great start to the campaign!  How many of you would go for the alternative colors if I offered them?  I like the night time look of these but personally prefer white for day color.  LMK!